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Thanks for your interest in alpha testing a survey format I'm using as a proof of concept for a more elaborate survey system while also collecting market research for tabletop RPG game designers so they can make better games!  The results of these surveys will be freely distributed so even the smallest indie devs and curious players can review it. Your time is greatly appreciated and I hope you enjoy the experience!

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How it Works:

  • The first survey will generate some variables to be used in later surveys, including a name for a character you will be playing through a Choose Your Own Adventure of sorts.
  • From the second survey onward to the last, a fictional narrative story will be generated based upon the answers you made for the questions and the variables collected in this survey. [Many thanks to Jack Filiba (http://www.deepless.com) for writing it!]
  • Each following survey will be emailed to you approximately 1  hour after completion of the previous, giving you time to enjoy your day, be it at PAX, the gaming table, or wherever you are!
  • Upon completion of the final survey, you'll be able to see your full narrative story and share it with your friends!  There are three distinct story paths (each which will customize based on your answers), so you are encouraged to compare stories with your friends to piece together the full narrative story beyond your part!


I will under no circumstances sell/spam/etc the email you provide.  It is exclusively used to send the links to the next surveys on your journey.  If you wish to opt in on email updates from me about my projects, that is an option on the final survey. (So if you don't get there, don't worry about me sending you a random email once in a rare while!)

Mistake? Feedback?

I've done the best I could to check over every possible problem, but I'm not a plethora of people on the internet with countless of sets of eyes.  If something goes wrong, or you spot a typo, please email me at doctor.corvair@questionableadventures.com

You can also use the same email to provide feedback on the survey, narrative, write me love letters, or just offer more insights on your answers if you feel the survey doesn't clarify enough!

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